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  • I was told to take a blood test during the treatment process. Is this absolutely necessary?

    The test must be conducted because it is a test that is needed depending on the patients disease and conditions under the judgment of the doctor in charge. The blood test is performed to check the conditions the red blood cells or white blood cells in the blood and the number of platelet resulting from the radiation treatment. Depending on the results, treatment may be stopped momentarily or blood test may be taken more frequently. The patient must fast before conducting the blood test to check the condition of the liver function during the liver radiotherapy.
  • How can I be sure that the treatment is being facilitated accurately?

    After the start of the treatment, imaging is conducted on the first or the second day to check on the treatment and it is a process to check whether the radiation has been accurately transferred to the treatment site through the simulation treatment and computers. If there are any variations in the checkup image scan and the treatment plan image scan, it is corrected accurately before starting the treatment. Therefore, there should not be cases where radiation is applied inaccurately.
    Although checkup image scan is a mandatory process during beginning of the treatment, it is usually conducted with one week intervals or once every 10 treatments and it is also conducted when there are changes in the treatment plan. This process is to facilitate accurate treatments through the use of advanced computer equipments, and therefore, additional costs may incur.
  • Do I have to take a CT during the simulation test even though I have already taken a CT my assessment?

    Yes, you have to. The CT image, that shows the posture and standards corresponding to the treatment, must be used to 3 dimensionally reconstruct the structure in the body in order effectively establish the radiotherapy plan. Accurate treatment through the 3 dimensional assessment of the tumor site and nearby normal tissues can decrease side effects and increase treatment effectiveness. Therefore, you must take the computer tomography for radiotherapy again even if you have taken it during the previous assessment for diagnosis.
  • Is radiotherapy painful?

    There isn’t any sort of pain incurred during the radiotherapy. The level of pain incurred during the radiotherapy is similar to the level of pain during the X-ray tests. Under the guidance of the radiologic technologist, lie comfortably on the treatment table.
    Only during the process of inserting the treatment equipment of the radiotherapy, you may feel slight degree of discomfort.
  • If radiotherapy is needed, is it good to receive special treatment?

    Since all of the previously mentioned advanced special treatments including radiotherapy, tomotherapy, IGRT, 4 dimensional radiation therapy, and stereotactic radiation therapy each have different advantages and disadvantages, they are not the best treatment method for every situation. Likewise, the proton treatment can be regarded as the same. Choosing the most suitable method depends on the patient’s condition and purpose of treatment, therefore, it is recommended that you make a decision after consulting with a radiation oncology specialist.
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