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  • Which type of cancer is proton treatment used for?

    Proton treatment can be used in all situations where X-ray radiotherapy can be applied. The X-ray treatment is mainly applied in situations where it is difficult to transfer sufficient level of radiation to the tumor while protecting the normal tissues.

    The examples include tumors in children, hepatoma and pancreatobiliary, brain tumor and skull base tumor, spine and spine tumor, and recurrent cancer in the radiotherapy site. Whether if the patient will be a subject for proton treatment will be decided through the patient’s condition and purpose of treatment which are diagnosed by the radiation oncology specialists.
  • What is the proton treatment and through which principle does it eliminate the cancer cells?

    Proton treatment is a regimen that destroys cancer cells by applying high energy acceleration to the protons that constitute the nucleus of hydrogen atoms. The principle for the DNA destruction of the cancer cells is same as the existing radiotherapy. Proton beam has a distinct physical characteristic called, “Bragg Peak.” The energy is only concentrated on the cancer cells within certain depth and subsequently, the radiation is entirely annihilated to significantly decrease the development of side effects in the surrounding normal tissues.
  • What is the principle of radiotherapy?

    Radiotherapy is a treatment method that uses radiation or radioactive isotope from the energy generating device to destroy and cease the growth of cancer cells within the human body.
    This is cancer treatment that destructs and stops the growth of cancer cells. The radiation used in the   therapy applies higher energy to the cancer cells compared to the radiation used in diagnosis checks.   Through this process, cells death occurs due to the inability in cell segmentation and proliferation caused by the collapse of DNA double helix.
    These types of radiotherapy effects may appear after a certain period and it is uncommon to observe effects immediately after the radiation treatment.

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  • What is bragg peak?

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  • Should we learn about the Proton Treatment Method?

    [Slide]Should we learn about the Proton Treatment Method?