Wellness Care Program

It is a personalized program that treats patients to help them return to a healthy life.

  • 01.
  • Wellness Care
  • The Proton Center provides the Wellness Care Program with a specialized team during the patent period.
  • We do our best to provide patients with comfortable treatment and make them return to a healthy normal life by understanding their physical and mental status.
Wellness Care
  • Consultation

    coordinator 1:1 Consultation

  • Perform

    Specialists for each program Exercise/Nutrition/Mental Care Program

  • Assess

    coordinator Management after comprehensive evaluation and treatment

  • 02.
  • Introducing the Details of the Program
  • The Wellness Program is composed of the exercise, nutrition, and a mental care program, and a specialist for each field consults with the patient systematically.
Exercise Management

The exercise program can reduce the fatigue which is visible in the process of treatment and return and helps patients to return to his/her normal life.
Understanding the precise level of physical activity through activity checks using the wearable device

Nutrition Management

The nutrition program can resolve the difficulty of food intake during treatment and help one to establish balanced nutrition.
Systematic consultation and management of nutrition during treatment Understanding the nutrition conditions through body composition analyzer and diet conditions

Mental Management

The mental care program can help manage problems with mental stress and anxiety that might occur during the treatment of cancer.
1:1 customized consultation is be implemented through a “Emotional Stress Questionnaire”
In-depth interview with the specialists
Connecting to the cancer training center program

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