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  • Is Proton Treatment expensive? Is it covered through insurance?

    The Proton Treatment costs are similar or a little higher than the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and pediatric tumor, recurrent cancer in the site treated with radiotherapy, brain/spinal tumor, head and neck tumor, eye tumor, breast cancer, and abdominal cancer costs are covered through insurance. Precise treatment costs will be provided to you according to the evaluation of your treatment method and period after your consultation with the doctor in charge.
  • I have to receive outpatient treatment everyday but I do not live near the hospital. Can I be hospitalized to receive inpatient treatments?

    The radiotherapy is only performed for 10-30 minutes per day. Therefore, we do not have designated patient rooms for radiotherapy. There are some special cases where requests are be made to other medical offices for the patient to receive inpatient treatments if the patient’s conditions are too severe to receive outpatient treatments. However, radiotherapy is generally facilitated through outpatient treatments. 
  • I heard that there is a scheduling fee. Is this fee included in the total cost of treatment?

    With regards to radiotherapy, fees will be generated during each phase including simulation test fee, treatment planning fee, treatment fee, and examination. Payments will be made during the actual time of each phase.
    1) Simulation treatment costs (preparation costs)
    This fee is generated during the series of processes to identify and determine the site for radiotherapy treatment. In the case shielding cover is need to be created to protect special immobilizations device and normal sites, additional cost may be incurred. If CT is taken for treatment planning purposes, the CT fee incurred will be included here. The payment for simulation treatment fee is made upon completion of the simulation treatment.
    2) Treatment planning costs
    This fee is for the production of the computerized plan using the images from the simulation treatment and the fee is be determined according to the precise plan established by the doctor in charge. Therefore, this payment is often made together with your first treatment fee when you come to your first treatment visit.
    3) Treatment costs
    This is the costs for the actual radiotherapy treatment and typically, the payment of the treatment fee is paid after each treatment. However, you may make payments for each week if that is more convenient for you. 
    4) Checkup imaging costs
    This cost is incurred from the process of checking your treatment progress periodically to see if your conditions are accurately being treated.  The costs may vary due to the treatment device used, different treatment site assessed, and change of treatment plans. 
    5) Examination costs
    Additional examination costs aside from the treatment costs will incur when consulting with your doctor during the radiotherapy. 
  • Can I make my own schedule of appointments to receive treatment?

    After the first treatment, we provide you with the schedule of appointments. We try to accommodate your schedule according to the availability of the corresponding treatment room. However, this may not be possible if there are high number of patients on the list of appointments. In this case, we ask for your understanding. Furthermore, we would like to sincerely ask you to make it to your appointments on time in order to provide accurate treatments to patients and reduce unnecessary waiting time. If unavoidable situations in which you have to change your scheduled appointment or have an overlapping appointment at another medical office, please contact the treatment office a day before. Also, please contact the treatment office if you have encountered an urgent situation in which you have to change your appointment on the day of your appointment.

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