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Proton Therapy for Reirradiation of Progressive or Recurrent Chordoma.
  • 著者姓名: McDonald MW, Linton OR, Shah MV.
  • 学术刊物名称: Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys.
  • 卷号: 87(5): 1107-14.
  • 发行年度: 2013.
Definitive reirradiation for locoregionally recurrent non-small cell lung cancer with proton beam therapy or intensity modulated radiation therapy: predictors of high-grade toxicity and survival outcomes.
  • 著者姓名: McAvoy S, Ciura K, Wei C et al.
  • 学术刊物名称: Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys.
  • 卷号: 90(4):819-27.
  • 发行年度: 2014 Nov 15.
Feasibility of proton beam therapy for reirradiation of locoregionally recurrent non-small cell lung cancer.
  • 著者姓名: McAvoy SA, Ciura KT, Rineer JM et al.
  • 学术刊物名称: Radiother Oncol.
  • 卷号: 109(1):38-44.
  • 发行年度: 2013 Oct.
Special cases for proton beam radiotherapy: re-irradiation, lymphoma, and breast cancer.
  • 著者姓名: Plastaras JP, Berman AT, Freedman GM.
  • 学术刊物名称: Semin Oncol.
  • 卷号: 41(6):807-19.
  • 发行年度: 2014 Dec.
Re-irradiation of recurrent head and neck carcinomas: comparison of robust intensity modulated proton therapy treatment plans with helical tomotherapy.
  • 著者姓名: Stuschke M, Kaiser A, Abu-Jawad J et al.
  • 学术刊物名称: Radiat Oncol.
  • 卷号: 8:93. doi: 10.1186/1748-717X-8-93.
  • 发行年度: 2013 Apr 20.
Re-irradiation with scanned charged particle beams in recurrent tumours of the head and neck: acute toxicity and feasibility.
  • 著者姓名: Jensen AD, Nikoghosyan A, Ellerbrock M et al.
  • 学术刊物名称: Radiother Oncol.
  • 卷号: 101(3):383-7.
  • 发行年度: 2011.
Proton reirradiation of recurrence rectal cancer: dosimetric comparison, toxicities, and preliminary outcomes.
  • 著者姓名: Berman AT, Both S, Sharkoski T et al.
  • 学术刊物名称: Int J Particle Ther.
  • 卷号: 1(1):2-13.
  • 发行年度: 2014.
Reirradiation for recurrent head and neck cancer.
  • 著者姓名: Patel PR, Salama JK.
  • 学术刊物名称: Expert Rev Anticancer Ther.
  • 卷号: 12(9):1177-89.
  • 发行年度: 2012.
Retreatment of recurrent head and neck cancer in a previously irradiated field.
  • 著者姓名: Wong SJ, Bourhis J, Langer CJ.
  • 学术刊物名称: Semin Radiat Oncol.
  • 卷号: 22(3):214-9.
  • 发行年度: 2012.
Increasing frequency of reirradiation studies in radiation oncology: systematic review of highly cited articles.
  • 著者姓名: Nieder C, Andratschke NH, Grosu AL.
  • 学术刊物名称: Am J Cancer Res.
  • 卷号: 3(2):152-8.
  • 发行年度: 2013.


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